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I was on my way from MG Road to Iffco Chowk. I got a call (An important…

Reported on May 10, 2014 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #40899

I was on my way from MG Road to Iffco Chowk. I got a call (An important one) and I picked it up. My vehicle was standing because of red light jam. Well I am not defending my case. I admit that I did a mistake. Howver what happened then was a crime.

The Police who noticed me talking over phone has asked me to get to a corner where I parked. He straightaway asked my papers and on producing the same demanded Rs. 1500.. I clearly said am willing to give whatever is the chala amount.. Then he sort of threatened me to take me to their post which was just opposit to where I stood. He however negotiated with me on cash amount while crossing the road. Probably he didint want to share this bribe with his friends.

I took a stance that I am willing to give challan amount of 1500 if required so but wont give bribe. Then at the post there were almost 3-4 men , one of them was not in uniform. They ried to convince me that I should settle this in cash. Otherwise I have to go to their office where I have to pay 1000 bucks and watch a movies for 1.5 hours. How i will waste my entire day.. So & So.

I however sticked to my initial opinion and the policement finally gave me a challan where he did not mention my offence/ offence no. He probably still had the hope to settle it. I however didnt sign it and asked him to mention the offence no (It was 27 as per the challan copy) . They have detained my RC. So I will go one day to their office to get my RC back.

Anyone if has undergone with the same procedure please reply on this thread so that I would know exactly how much time will be wasted on this

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