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  • 8 years ago

I knew that my friends in Institute were paying bribe to the police…

Reported on May 28, 2014 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #41172

I knew that my friends in Institute were paying bribe to the police verification officer (PVO) as the PVO used to threaten them to forget the passport or delay it if they resisted.

I talked to my friends who paid bribe,Many felt that it is very common to bribe and most of them were afraid of consequences.
AFRAID ?? of what?? are we doing something wrong by not paying bribe?.It is PVO who should be afraid for shamelessly asking money.

Then I decided to put an end to all this.When PVO came for my verification,I was ready with two recording devices (mobile and Tab) placed at two locations in my room and turned them on as soon as he entered my room.

PVO:(came and sat on chair) You are the one, Show me the documents.
Me :(showed all the documents and signed at required places.I spoke little louder all the time)
When he bunched all the documents.
Me: Please check whether all documents are correct or not (I wanted to record him saying everything was right).
PVO: Yes everything is correct.
Then came the moment I was waiting for.
PVO: Give 500 Rs
Me: Why?
PVO:Its the fees you should pay.
Me: If it is fee then give me receipt.
PVO:(obviously didnt expected this..Started looking at bag for receipt which he donot have).
PVO:I will give receipt tomorrow.Pay now.
Me: No way.I wont pay.
PVO: Ok then I will leave,lets see how you will get your passport (He said this indirectly).
Me : I have recorded entire conversation and you will be in trouble if my passport donot arrive in time.
PVO: (started to move out) I am not afraid of anything.(Though he was visibly afraid).
he left the place.
I immediately wrote a mail to district collector and deputy collector seeking an appointment and was also ready to visit SP office as I knew that most corrupt people are cowards from inside and a warning from higher authorities will be enough to stop them.
I knew very well that I cant stop PVO from taking bribe everywhere but I can make a difference by stopping him from taking bribe in my Institute.
Everyone needs to do just that to make India corruption free.Influence our surroundings and ensure that we are making enough effort to stop corruption.
If we cannot do that,then donot blame the corrupt system as we will be part of it.
And my passport verification report was submitted in a day to passport office and is currently getting printed.

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