• Bribe Fighter
  • 11 years ago

No seat belt, no challan.... well no bribe either!

Reported on December 30, 2011 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #31384

While the RS brawled I had my own incident last night.... One traffic cop pulled me over near Super Mart 2, DLF Phase 4 for not wearing a seat belt. He then checked my license and RC and then told me he would challan me and I need to goto the police station and claim my license after paying the fine.

I said "ok, challan me if you have to, else you can let me go with a warning." He insisted that he will challan... and when I agreed for the challan he suddenly flipped and said "why do you want to spoil your evening, i will let you off with Rs.100 only.. while the challan amount is much more".

I told him its ok either challan me or let me go with a warning but if i have to pay money, i would rather pay it in form of challan at the Traffic Police station. He seemed confused and tried to persuade me that the fine would be much larger there. But i did not budge and guess what... he let me go with a warning.

Proud not to have paid a bribe... this thing works.. !!!!

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