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Removal of Hypothecation in Gurgaon without paying a single penny to the Agents- A good experience.

Reported on August 12, 2012 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #31267

Affidavit Just after I received the documents from the bank about the completion of my loan, I decided to go for removal of hypothecation from the RC. I decided that regardless of the time it would take, I would get it done without paying any bribe.
I did a quick search for the documents it would require for the process and here is the list.
Original RC
Original Form 35 (2 copies duly signed by the bank and registered owner)
Original Bank NOC
Attested copy of valid insurance
Attested copy of valid PUC certificate
Attested copy of PAN Card( or any other valid ID document)
Attested copy of Address Proof
One Affidavit for removal of hypothecation
Form 33 (if current address is different from the one in RC)

I went to the RTO office in Gurgaon on 3rd July 2012
Address of RTO Office :********** Secretariat Ground floor, Old Gurgaon

When I left from the home it was already 2.00PM.I had all the listed documents apart from the affidavit . I got the affidavit done from the nearest notary in ********** Secretariat for 50 Rs( It could have bargained for rs 30 as well, depends on your negotiation skills) and 10 rupees for each document to get them attested.
When I reached the office it was already 2.30 PM and I came to know that timing of the office is 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Still if you can pay some bribe to the agents after the office hours they would be ready to get your work done. However I ignored them and decided to come very next day.
Next day when I reached the RTO office around 11:00 AM in the morning and went straight to the last counter in the row with all the documents. I had to wait for just about 8-10 mins in the queue and when my turn came up the guy had a quick look at the documents and told me to put all the documents in a file.
I asked them where to get a file, he was polite enough to guide me to the counter number 1. I went to the counter, there was relatively smaller queue and I purchased the file for 3 rupees (better keep the changes, I have seen people struggling to get the change) .
After keeping the documents into the file, I went to the same counter again lined up in the queue. However this time, the guy inspected all the documents carefully and said alright you can deposit the fee at the counter number two, he returned the file again.
I went to the counter number two, the queue was not big so just after 5 mins my turn came up and I deposited the fees of 200 Rs. and collected the receipt of the same.
Again I had to go the same counter. I waited for my turn patiently and gave the receipt and the documents to the same guy. He kept all the documents and gave me one slip. This slip had a date written on it saying you can receive the RC on 08/08/2012. I asked them would it be okay if drive with this slip only and they said its 'fine'.
On 09/08/12 I went to the same counter to receive my RC , to my surprise it was there and just after the wait of couple of minutes in the queue , I got it. Total money I spent is around 300 Rs only.

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