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  • 9 years ago

Time up, yet i can Help u

Reported on March 4, 2014 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #39841

It was 5 min's their closing time.
With 40+ gray hair guy in post office.

me : Can u please Speed post it.
40+: Time up, Come back Tomorrow
Me: but your time shows, you yet have 5min more though my time shows 8min, its Very Urgent.
40+: We don't take, if u want pay 20extra i will.
me: Why the hell i have to pay u, when i came with in the time.
40+: Didn't speak.
me: Its very urgent, Kindly do it
40+: 2more min left, do u have every thing in place if not come tomorrow.
me: Yes, all i need is gum to fix it.
40+: Gum has dried up and yet it has to be weighted.
me: Got frustrated and Banged the Door, all other got alerted.Raising my voice "Why the F**k are u here, Don't u feel responsible. If u don't want to work just walk out. We guy's are running out of job"
Other : Supported me and Cursed him.

Reason: To support our post office atleast from my side. So that after closing Telegraph they may not shut down Post office too.

Though speed post for Private and Public have similar fair's.

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