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Traffic Violation - Paid a fine and not a bribe

Reported on March 13, 2011 from Jamshedpur , Jharkhand  ι Report #32387

It was around 3 months back when i was driving home on my bike, i missed a no-entry sign (intentionally placed in the wrong direction) and was pulled over by a traffic policeman. He immediately took away my bike keys and told me that i had committed a serious offence and that the fine would amount to Rs.500. I said fine, give me a challan receipt for that and i shall pay the fine. He asked me why was i willing to pay so much (when i could get it settled for far less). I said i would like to pay the fine for my mistake.
He took me to the nearby traffic police post where the sub-inspector would issue me a chalaan. Before leaving the post, he handed over my bike keys to another constable.
The sub-inspector was not at the post and I had to wait. In the meanwhile constable at the post chatted up with me and asked me to settle with the traffic policemen who had pulled me over as the fine would amount to Rs.500. I repeated i was willing to pay the fine for my mistake. Another lady was also waiting at the post who had been booked a parking ticket.
After waiting for over half an hour, the sub-inspector arrived and he also repeated the same advice (that i should settle it) and i repeated my line. The lady also suggested that i should settle the matter (with a bribe). I insisted otherwise - I had made a mistake and i should be paying for it.
I was then asked to furnish my vehicle ownership documents and driving license which i duly did. The sub-inspector then asked me to provide Rs.100 as fine and gave me the receipt in return. *******

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