• Bribe Fighter
  • 13 years ago

We do not need criminals we have the Police doing the job very well

Reported on March 12, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #32394

Some years back I arrested by the police from economic criminal cell in Hauz Khas. Arrested and put behind bars by Inspector ********** Dureja and his superior Superindendent ********** **********. The magistrate D.K.********** at that time in the Karkarduma court. The case was reported to the IG of Police and his answer was: "kushh to kia hoga". I think his name was Dr. K. K. Kaul or Paul anyway who cares.

None of these persons have any fear of law or of God. They know nobody can do anything to them. They are paid public money to put the public to discomfort.

All these people are still in their jobs and probably gone higher in ranks.

what is so great about it?

The High Court of Delhi cleared the case after two years and 70 Lac rupees of expenses saying that the police had misused their powers to blackmail an innocent business person.

Sare ********** se aachha hindustan hamara, rehne ko ghar nahin hai ********** ********** hamara.

You do not need criminals in India you have the police doing the job very well.

when are we going to go and protest like the Egyptians and the Tunisian to ask for simple life without being afraid of the police????????

The country is run like a father less family where many politicians and Govt. employees make the life of simple Indian miserable.

Because of the law enforcement authorities, police and the courts of law, I consider India as the most dangerous place on the earth. The Government of India has made our great country and the life of people of India the most undignified on the *******

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