• Honest Officer
  • 7 years ago

License Renewal - Extract from previous RTO

Reported on December 14, 2017 from Aluva , Kerala  ι Report #172273

Motor Vehicle Department has a very detailed and helpful webpage in which each step for the application is explained. I followed all the steps and went to the SRTO office in person. We can meet a highly educated PRO at the reception who listens to us carefully and gives clear instruction on next steps. With this transparent process they accept the application and issues a receipt with reference number. With highly efficient online records, status of our application is available at any time.

As a new SRTO is introduced near my native, I had to get particulars from my previous SRTO. That gave me an opportunity to have more sampling. I had to visit SRTO Perumbavoor (KL-40).Seeing a heavy crowd at the SRTO office, I lost all hopes of getting my work done in two days before returning to Bangalore. However the PRO and the MVI were the game changers there as well. This PRO ( Mr. Biju MS) was very helpful. At times, I got a feeling that he is more sincere and determined than me to get my papers in time. Breaking all my previous skepticism against Inspectors, Mr. Nobi P.M. was very attentive and responsive to my issue, despite his excessively workload. I can firmly say that I have not seen many such efficient officers even in private firms. They were not exceptions in that office. I have interacted with a few other executives for payment of fee, collection of the certificate etc. All of them were very friendly, efficient and helpful. I cannot forget the point that the lady executive has taken a piece of paper and written the contact numbers, and explained to me on collection of the certificates with a lot of patience.

This office and the executives there left pleasant memories and made me very proud to be their fellow Keralite. Most importantly, the experience has forced me to introspect my own behavior in my office and to the people whom I interact with. Am I approachable, efficient and helpful to people whom I serve ? Am I polite enough to people with whom I interact? Do they carry a good feeling about my company, after they interact with me?

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