• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago

Pay a Bribe to get your Car Released

Reported on October 25, 2010 from Jaipur , Rajasthan  ι Report #30194

I had an accident while travelling from Gandhidham (Kutch) to New Delhi in December, 1994.*******The accident happened at Kotputli (Near Jaipur).*******It was at around 12.45 in the night, and we were on our way to New Delhi, and as they oncoming traffic had their lights on high beam, it was too late when we saw a Truck parked right on the National Highway (This in itself is a traffic Offence).*******Our car rammed into the rear of the truck, and my wife fell unconscious.*******I crawled out of the car and helped my children get out of the car and managed to take them to the Hospital for First Aid. The police came in and ignoring my explanations, booked me for a traffic violation, saying that I was driving recklessly and had rammed into the Truck (totally ignoring the fact that the Truck was parked on the Highway). However, when I went to get my car released through the courts orders, The police made me pay them money for the transportation of the car from the site of the accident to the Police Station (saying that they had done so from their own Pocket), apart from which, I was asked to pay the SHO, the Munshi and other constables etc. there.*******I had to shell out around Rs. 5,000.00 as bribe to get my car released from them - for no fault of mine, and this considering the fact that I had the court orders in hand to get the vehicle released from them.*******They clearly told me that at Kotputli, the Police only earns through accidents that happen in their Jurisdiction. What a shame the Police is putting the Country to.

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