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This is about a bribe racket working in Bihar, Delhi & UP which…

Reported on March 31, 2014 from Bihar Sharif , Bihar  ι Report #40328

This is about a bribe racket working in Bihar, Delhi & UP which includes a BSNL Patna Employee, an ex-employee of Delhi Govt (Water Supply Dept) and another person from Chapra, Bihar
This racket hunt for the candidates who can arrange money for Govt jobs, offer guarantee to the victims that they will get Govt jobs and once they get money from victims, handover them fake joining/appointment letters and then this racket becomes unreachable for them.
If someone is able to find and try to contact them, they threaten them via Police(so this racket involves police also by paying them bribe).

Following is a recent case happened with one of my relative who committed suicide after getting cheated by this racket:
A BSNL Employee Tej Narayan Saha, who is running this racket, working as T.M. in BSNL at Rajender Nagar, Patna, Bihar, took bribe of 8 Lakhs Rupees from the father of a young student/candidate name Kashi Sharma s/o Mr. Devlal Sharma and handed over a fake appointment letter to that candidate.
When the candidate came to know that the letter was fake, he asked Tej Narayan Saha to return his money.
Tej Narayan Saha refused to return the money and threatened that guy which lead that young candidate to commit suicide.
Even after that candidate committed suicide, his parents are still struggling for their money.
The problem is Kashi's parents can't go to Police since Tej Naryan Saha has already threatened them once via local police.

As described above there are two more people also involved in this racket who usually hunt for these kind of candidates and take money from them, their names are:

Surender Sharma - He is a suspended employee of Delhi Govt(Water Supply Dept), he is accused in a similar case when he was in the job and currently on bail.
A CBI enquiry was also going on against him, not sure what happened to that case but he hasn't stopped these fraud activities and still continuing cheating people.

Chandeshwar Sharma - He is from Chapra, Bihar, his role is to hunt for these kind of candidates take money from them and handover it to Tej Narayan Saha & Surrender Sharma.

There could be more people involved in this racket but I am not sure and request you to please start your investigations ASAP so that they don't cheat & victimized more young candidates.

Above mentioned cheater's contact numbers are:
Tej Narayan Saha - 08809006572
Surender Sharma - 8802914506
Chandeshwar Sharma - 09199445392 / 07277659191

Above mentioned victim's Family contact numbers are:
Devlal Sharma (Victim's Father): 09973917531
Shailender Sharma: 07827173277

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