How to Transfer a Khata Certificate in Bangalore

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Khata is an account of a person’s property within the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) jurisdiction. Khata is important to apply to avail building licence or to apply for loan from banks and financial institutions. Khata consists of all the details of property –the name of the owner, size of the buildings, location of property and other details that help to file property tax.


What is Khata Transfer?

Khata transfer is when the ownership of a property is the buyer.  Khata transfer is done either for reason of sale of property, gift, will, or a death of property owner and such cases.

Steps to transfer Khata (ownership) certificate:

  1. A notarized copy of your sale deed which can be issued by any notary in Bangalore for a charge of Rs 80-100. The maximum they can charge is Rs 200.
  2. Collect a Khata registration form which is the same for Khata registration, transfer and is available on BBMP website or at the office for a fee of Rs 10/-
  3. Carry your tax paid receipts and Khata details (encumbrance certificate)
  4. Carry along a paid up improvement charges receipt.
  5. A national savings certificates which is available at any post of in India for a fee of Rs 200/-

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