How to Transfer Khata in Karnataka

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Khata literally means an account of a person who has a property in the city. It is an account of assessment of properties within BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) jurisdiction. Khata is an essential document especially while applying for a license of a building or a trade and even for applying for a bank loan or a loan from a financial institution. It consists all the details of a property such as the name of the owner, size of buildings, location of property and all other details that helps to file the property tax.

In order to get the procedure online in Karnataka, it is suggested to go through Sakala website that contains information on guaranteed services. Here is the link to the procedure.

Steps to Transfer Khata:

Step 1 :

The applicant has to submit a Khata transfer application to avail the service to the designated official at the office of the concerned Revenue office along with documents prescribed. The application for the transfer of Khata will be scrutinized and a fresh Khata will be issued to the applicant along with an intimation to the applicant. Also citizens who have procured the site by way of sale or gift can apply for transfer of Khata.


Step 2 :

Documents required for applying for Khata transfer

  • Application in a prescribed form that may be downloaded from the site
  • Attested proof of applicant’s identity and signature along with 2 PP size photos
  • If a property transfer is by sale, attested copy of the purchasers (sale) deed is required
  • If tax paid is up to date, then receipt for having paid is to be enclosed
  • If the site belongs to a private layout developer or a housing society, an NOC certificate is required from the developer or the  housing society
  • Encumbrance certificate from the date of inception till the then current date should be mentioned in Form 15
  • Proof of currency of GPA (General Power of Attorney), if the person selling/gifting the site is a GPA holder along with his/her photo and ID proof
  • Original Khata, title deed of the property standing in the name of the previous owner
  • If the property is inherited through a gift deed, an attested copy of the original gist deed, family tree and an ID proof as a proof of the applicant being the blood relative of the person who has gifted the property should to be enclosed.

Fees/ Charges to be paid

At the time of applying for khata transfer, the unpaid property tax till date is to be paid at the rate of Rs.0.20/Sq.Ft/year for vacant land, Rs.1.20/Sq.Ft/year for self-occupied building and for leased out buildings at Rs.2.40/Sq.Ft/Year. An additional amount of Rs.500 is to be paid, for private (non BDA) properties, as the khata transfer fee.


Entire process will take a duration of 30 working days

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