• Bribe Fighter
  • 7 years ago

Asked for Rs 1200. Denied and told I will have to face consequeses.

Reported on April 9, 2017 from Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #160006


This is regarding Police verification of my Passport-Normal today,File no. GZ1060667008417.

The Status of my passport was Granted* with Police verification to happen. The police officer visited today at 16:00 . I gave him copy of an ID proof and address proof as asked by him and showed him an originals ones. Thereafter at time of leaving he asked me for Rs 1200 and told me that he would only get Rs 300 and rest would be distributed among others and without it I will have to struggle and face consequences and he left.

I am aged 24 born in free India and I have been honest throughout my life. I can't be a part of corrupt system by paying even a single penny and I would fight them out.

Today I have myself seen the face of corrupt system about which I have only been hearing from people and that has made me feel sorry for so many people. I understand that I won't get my passport easily and therefore I am registering complaint with you and seeking out help.

I might have to leave for further education or for my job in a month or two and don't know how would everything be managed.

I am firm believer in democracy and in the constitution and hope such issues specially bribery during police verification should be stopped and an example should be set for the future.


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