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  • 7 years ago

Lost purse

Reported on November 19, 2017 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #171477

Around 17:30 in mumbra I was traveling in an auto with my mom. My mom was carrying a plastic bag in which she had her mobile phone and her wallet, in her wallet there were 25000Rs. We we're traveling from mumbra Uday Nagar to amrut Nagar in between of this route my mom's wallet and mobile phone fell of the autorickshaw in which we were traveling which we realized after reaching the destination. So I called on my mom's phone number which was showing switched off however after 45 mins I tried again and this time a guy picked my phone and asked me to come near by his place and he'll return me the phone which he found and not the wallet as the wallet was taken by an autorickshaw driver who's vehicle number ends with 1419. So I went to him took the cell phone went to autorickshaw union but they didn't helped a bit so I went to police station seeking for help. But the police officer wasnt ready to write my complaint so an police officer known as khaan Saab called his contacts and told me that there are 2 autorickshaws with this series one is in amrut Nagar and the other in shiblee nagar so he said that u go and search 4 this vehicle which in first place was their job. However, for the sake of our money I went to the given place wid my friend and my brother and in shiblee nagar I did find the autorickshaw. After contacting the mumbra police station the officer said that u talk wid him and bring him to police station they will not come over there. So I took the details available in the autorickshaw and called the owner woh said me that he will be near the autorickshaw in 30 mins. After and hour the owner of the autorickshaw showed up near the auto but stated that in the wallet he had only 20000 not 25000. As the stated money was not there so I said instead of fighting over it lets solve this matter in police station. While all this was happening my brother's wife and my sister were standing in police station an the police officer was not willing to file in our complaint yet and all the investigation part was done by me and my friends. When we the reached mumbra police station the officer took the wallet and the autorickshaw driver and after all this he was ready to write in a complaint. But when we asked about the money he stated u will not get it now. If we want we can pay them 5000rs and take the money and they will not file in any case.. unfortunately we paid 5000 for all the hard work and time we have done and faced.

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