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I had an accident on March 13, and based on the Mobile Traffic police…

Reported on March 22, 2013 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #34320

I had an accident on March 13, and based on the Mobile Traffic police Nanjudaiah (he also entered this accident in the handbook that he had), I went to the Whitefield Traffic PS. The SI Mahadevaiah in the station was very focussed on not getting the FIR lodged (I had the number of the truck who hit me from behind) and asked me to make only a diary entry. I put all details and mentioned that the back side of the car is damaged.

Once I went for insurance claim, the surveyor from ICICI Lombard (Satish -988 610 8058) made some calls to the PS and later asked me to get another acknowledgement from police which will list all scratches and dents. Now the SI Mahadevaiah started to say he will not give me my acknowledgement and I can do something criminal etc etc finally said "you have to pay from your pocket money, and need to keep people happy" I asked clearly are you asking a bribe, he said he does not know and said something in Kannada, with a wink. And then said "2000, you are getting 20000 worth from insurance, no".

There is no proof of this interaction as he told me this just when he came out of his cabin and there was no one in the place just outside his cabin. I threatened him that I will report to higher officials and left the place.

Is there a way out? Probably not, but just letting folks know that be careful if these two guys interact with you.

Whitefield Traffic Police station SI Mahadevaiah
ICICI Lombard surveyor Satish -988 610 8058

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