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  • 6 years ago

I came from office at around 10 PM. Was parking my car, however…

Reported on March 19, 2015 from Ulhasnagar , Maharashtra  ι Report #54414

I came from office at around 10 PM. Was parking my car, however some loafers were sitting in their bikes at the place where I park my car. I asked them to move aside as I wanted to park my car. They immediately started abusing me. I thought I should park my car somewhere else to avoid problem. Again they intentionally blocked my way with bike. Again I moved in my car and parked on the opposite side and was getting down. They immediately came near me and started pushing me and abusing me, I said lets go to police station if you have an issue with me. They started beating me. I also had to raise my hand to defend my self. However as soon as crowd gathered, I tried to move away from them and called police station ambarnath. The police asked me to come to station as they said they can't come. They again tried to throw big rock on me and stones at me. I again called police station and asked them to come. They denied again. I had to shout and screem on the call to show them the urgency. Police came after 5 10 minutes. I got time to move to police station. I went and launched a complaint. They sent me to municipality hospital for check up and first aid. As I was beaten badly. By the time I came back to police station, they had registered a case against me due to political pressure from those loafers. I tried to explain the situation but no one was ready to listen. All they said is we will take action against both of you. I again tried to explain that it's not my fault, I just came from office qnd I don't know them. They are not even from the same building in which I stay. But later I came to know through the talks of people outside that they had already paid them 5000 to launch a cross case against me. None of my voice was heard and they put me in lock up, also the other guy who was fighting with me. Later, in morning to release me they asked for 5000 rs bribe from me as well. And only then they released me. I feel so frustrated as I am the one who was beaten and I called the police but instead they took complaint against me and arrested me. Feel ashamed of our legal system and police department.

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