• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

The IT Dept kept my refund pending for 5 yrs and released it only after paying 20 % bribe

Reported on August 21, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #187544

I am a retired pensioner and senior citizen based in BANGALORE with limited mobility. The Income Tax Refund of Rs 33,330/- in view of TDS deducted from arrears of pension was held-up from the last FIVE years due to bureaucratic red-tape in ward no 3(3)(3) at Bangalore. Only after complaining to PRO, Bangalore and to Joint Secretary Finance, the file starting moving and finally the concerned official XXXX refused to release the refund unless a bribe of Rs 5500/- paid. I was fed-up with the harassment mooted out all these years and finally paid the amount in cash on 20-08-2018 and the next day a reduced amount ( 15 % less than the amount due) was credited to my account.

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